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MSW Update - June 3, 2020

posted Jun 4, 2020, 7:52 AM by Barbara Quintangeli   [ updated Jun 4, 2020, 8:00 AM ]
Mrs. Milligan, Principal
Dear West Families,

Congratulations, once again, to the PVHS Class of 2020!

I hope this letter finds all safe, healthy, and preparing to ease into your summer!  It may be hard to believe, but Monday will conclude the 2019-2020 school year, a year marked by resiliency, expanded technological acumen, distance learning (for both adults and children), patience, and perseverance.  It is as significant as it is amazing when one thinks about how much all of us have had to change, adapt, risk, and work through, quite simply, to carry on.  (“Sometimes carrying on, just carrying on is the superhuman achievement” – A. Camus.)      

Our Eighth-grade Awards will be delivered virtually to eighth-grade parents on the morning of the 8th.  Congratulations to the rising Class of 2024!

New News - 

Special Retirement Congratulations to our main office secretary/administrative assistant:  Mrs. Cathie Dickey!  Cathie has worked for PVSD over twenty years!  I would like to take this opportunity not only to thank her but also to wish her a happy, healthy, fun-filled retirement!

Virtual Field Day, Grades 6-8 – June 4th, 8:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.  Access your PE Google Classrooms:  

6th Grade: awccp7b,     7th Grade: 7xdvgqh,     8th Grade: mpo6ad7

Our PE teachers will be posting five field day activities, so be on the lookout for these posts!  Participation videos will equate to raffle entries, so don’t forget to post your activity completion videos as directed by your teachers!

From Mrs. Kratz, Mrs. Quintangeli - To the East-West Reading Union Members!  We hope you enjoyed reading Squint and participating in our first joint book club.  It was nice to see many of you attend the virtual author visit with Chad Morris.  (Special thanks to Mr. Morris, a co-author of Squint!)  We highly encourage our Reading Union members to write a quick note of appreciation or share your thoughts on the book Squint.  We plan to gather everyone’s notes and put them into one email to the authors.

Congratulations to the music department and a host of PV musicians!  The virtual ensemble video (https://youtu.be/BPmkmjFWm8I) is a two-minute version of “Ode to Joy,” which features the combined individual performances of over 325 PV students, grades 3-12.  This was a monumental task that could not have been accomplished without everyone working together at every level - one of the hallmarks of great music education!

Special thanks to the West Community – our wonderful students, supportive families, and the collective talents of an exceptionally well trained and dedicated teaching/support staff!  All play important roles and contribute directly to the welfare - the social, emotional, physical, and academic growth - of West’s most important asset – our children! 

Special thanks to Mrs. Muscatello (Yearbook – Jr. Voyager, District Liaison, the Class of 2020 video montage, and end-of-year eighth-grade photo montages), Mrs. Overholser (eighth-grade portrait montages), and Mrs. Quintangeli and Mr. Zacharias (Eighth-grade Virtual Awards)! You are an amazing team, and West is very grateful for your creativity and contributions!  This thank you extends to all West assistants, paraprofessionals, coaches, directors, supervisors, advisors, etc.!

Withdrawing Student(s) - If any parent/guardian plans to withdraw their student(s) from PVSD, please bring in the student’s/s’ Chromebook(s), charging cord(s), library books, and/or any textbooks to the Grab-n-Go and hand them in at that time.  Ask for Mrs. Continelli, who will be available to collect/check these items in and/or help with paperwork/questions.

Instruments - If your child plays an instrument, please make sure he or she has brought it home. Instruments cannot stay at school during the summer!  Email Mrs. Sitron (csitron@pvsd.org) or Mrs. Dickey (cdickey@pvsd.org) if your child’s instrument is still at PVMS West.

CounselingThere will be a brand new counseling newsletter for June coming up in the next couple of days.  (West’s counselors will be following up with additional Newsletter updates in July and August.) Additionally, parents will be updated on future fifth-grade and eighth-grade transition information as it becomes available from the counseling center.  Counselors - Mr. Montgomery (wmontgomery@pvsd.org), Ms. Militello (lmilitello@pvsd.org), and Mrs. Hildreth (khildreth@pvsd.org) and/or visit West’s counseling page, https://sites.google.com/a/pvsd.org/perkiomen-valley-middle-school-west/departments/counseling

Summer Safety – 

Covid-19 Community Resources, an updated Resource list for and your Parent/Students:

In addition, Montgomery County Mobile Crisis is also available to PV families: 

------- Click here to see the Montgomery County Mobile Crisis brochure

The Safe2Say tipline will remain active during the closure.  This tip line enables one to send anonymous tips to notify the proper authorities to any number of concerns, such as, but not limited to:  mental health concerns, personal safety, drugs/alcohol abuse, bullying and more.  There are several ways to report a concern: you can call 1-844-safe2say, go to the Safe2Say, or download the app.  Your tip will be forwarded to a dispatcher, and administrators and/or counselors will do their best to address the issue.  Don't forget, in an emergency, please call 911!


During the school closure, MS West will continue to run SAP (our Student Assistance Program) meetings; West’s SAP team will continue to take referrals and provide connections for students and families.  The mission of the Pennsylvania Network for Student Assistance Services is to provide leadership for developing a safe and drug-free environment and mental health wellness in schools and communities across the commonwealth.  Please contact a school counselor (see above) for more information. 


New Learning postings concluded on June 3rd, but students can submit make-up work through June 8th; teacher/team closure postings will continue June 4th, June 5th, and/or June 8th.  (Closure postings – West’s teachers and teams will post individual and/or collective conversations, creative activities, celebrations, class meetings, challenges, etc. on the mornings of the three half days.)  

Remaining Grading Periods – If you have any course-specific/grading questions or concerns to share with your child’s teacher/team, please reach out by email.  The end of the third trimester, fourth quarter, and fifth vector will be June 8th.  

All middle school teachers are currently using a points-based gradebook.  This means that for the fourth marking period, teachers will enter all assignments into one category (assessments) in their gradebook so that all work is weighted equally.  The fourth marking period will only constitute 10% of the final grade for each yearlong course.  Final grades will be determined by weighting the first three marking periods as 30% each and the fourth marking period as 10%.  Students’ final grades on report cards will reflect the calculation indicated above.

Grades will be published to HAC on June 16th at noon.  Teachers communicated at-risk averages with parents at mid-marking period, and, if necessary, summer school conversations will be scheduled for the week of the 8th.

West’s Grab-n-go for Students is scheduled for June 5 and June 8West posted a link to sign up for dates and times for the collection of personal belongings.  Hallway locker contents have been bagged/identified for students, but students will need to access their own gym lockers.  Therefore, personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) is required if students need to check the gym lockers.  

Returning School Property - Students should return school property (uniforms, books, library books, calculators, etc.) in a labeled (grade, full name) bag on these two days as well.  Students will keep their Chromebooks! Questions, email Mrs. Sitron:  csitron@pvsd.org!

June 8th –West would like to celebrate our eighth-grade class, the Class of 2024!  West’s Awards Program link will be made available to students and parents on the morning of the last day of school; it will be available for anytime viewing.  [The Awards will not be posted publicly because student pictures and names will be incorporated in the link.]  Gold and Silver Awards – As stated earlier this school year, sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade grades and assessment results are taken into account when determining recipients of these awards.  (Gold Award winners must be “Advanced” in both ELA/Reading and Mathematics, and Silver Award winners must be “Advanced/Proficient,” “Proficient/Advanced,” or “Proficient/Proficient” in ELA/Reading and Mathematics.)

Farewell Parade – West has a longstanding tradition of ushering in the summer, typically, with a school bus parade, and we would like to maintain that tradition with a West families parade!  Our Farewell Send-off is scheduled for 6/8, Weather Permitting, at 5:00 p.m.  Students/families will stay in cars and loop through the bus parking lot (in front of the deck/cafeteria).  Faculty and staff will be dispersed on the deck and will not be able to approach cars.  Wave, honk, scream have a great summer; we can’t wait to see everyone!


Nurse’s Notes - Please be reminded that if your child has not handed in his sixth-grade physical, or seventh-grade dental form per the state requirements, we will accept them by regular mail or simply email Mrs. Lind at clind@pvsd.org with the date your child was seen by the doctor or dentist.  Also, please note that emails were sent out as a friendly reminder to make sure your seventh-grade child is up to date on all vaccinations prior to the first day of school.  This includes the Tdap and Meningitis vaccinations.  Your child will be excluded from school if there is no proof of these vaccinations on file in the nurse's office.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Lind via email.  Please stay safe and healthy! 

Yearbooks:  Yearbooks and accessories will be mailed directly to your home next month! Thank you for your patience and support.

Title I - LIFT (Learning Is Fun Together) is a summer learning opportunity for Title I, West students in grades 6 and 7.  (Google Form invitation sent May 13, 2020.)  LIFT will meet virtually this summer (June 30th to August 13th), Tuesdays through Thursdays, twice a day (9:15-12:15), for lessons in reading and mathematics.  Miss Yerkes, Mrs. Lesh, and Mrs. Yeager will be in touch with registered students/parents to invite the West participants to a Google Classroom.  Together, teachers and students/families will identify times to connect for live learning lessons.  If the times do not work on a given day, the lessons will be recorded for viewing at a later time.  Middle-level students who participate will have two or three resources reserved for them; these can be picked up from MS West on June 22nd.  We will communicate pick-up details as the time draws nearer.  Students will also be using their Chromebooks for this program.  (If your child’s device runs into any technical difficulty, please send a brief email with your child’s name and the nature of the problem to helpdesk@pvsd.org for assistance.)

Summer Technology Needs – Chromebook, not working?  Please email the PVSD helpdesk at helpdesk@pvsd.org.  Students/families are responsible for purchasing Chromebook chargers.  Click here for the web page with device specifications. Scroll down on the page to see information about chargers.

It has been my great honor to serve both PVHS and MS West students and their families!  Once a Viking, always a Viking!  Stay Safe and Be Well!

Donna Milligan, Principal, PVMS West

A reminder to parents and guardians:  If you ever need clarification or assistance with anything mentioned in my reports or if you have general questions, please email (dmilligan@pvsd.org) or Ryan Creeden (rcreeden@pvsd.org); we will be happy to assist you.  

(We are experiencing such an unorthodox closure that we are certain that questions will arise over the summer; please do not hesitate to contact one of us!) 

Important Dates:

May and June: 

6/4/20 – Virtual Field Day, all grades, 8:00-11:30 a.m.

6/5/20 – PVHS Virtual Graduation, Class of 2020 (Facebook and YouTube)

6/4, 5, 8/20 – Half-days, In-service; students should check their Google Classrooms in the morning for the day’s events.

6/5, 8/20 – Student Grab-n-go for personal belongings (Don’t forget to return West property, too!)

6/8/20– Eighth-grade Awards, an Interactive Awards Program with Video Links

6/8/20 – Farewell West Families Parade, Weather Permitting, beginning 5:00 p.m., Bus Lot (in front of the cafeteria)

TBD:  Fifth-grade Parents’ Night - Perkiomen Valley Middle School West plans to sponsor a Fifth-grade Parents’ Night/Sixth-grade Orientation in each school’s respective auditorium on (date/time – TBD).  The purpose of this forum is to provide fifth-grade parents the opportunity to learn about the sixth-grade program at the middle schools.  Our schools’ guidance counselors and administrators will welcome you to the Perkiomen Valley Middle School community and begin/continue your orientation as a parent of a middle-level learner.

Summer, 2020

At this point, there will be no onsite programming, activities, or camps during summer. Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic and county and state health department restrictions, we have opted to cancel Community Education camps, classes or lessons that take place in our buildings during the summer. Some classes are being delivered virtually, and you can learn more about them on our website. 


School Year, 2020-21

As we prepare to conclude the 2019-20 school year, we also think about the upcoming one. There remain many questions about what we will be permitted to do and what is safest and best for our students, staff, and community. We strongly desire to have our students back in our physical school buildings. There remains a level of uncertainty about what the 2020-21 school year will look like, so please stay tuned for updates.