PE Uniforms

posted Jun 21, 2017, 12:16 PM by Matthew Weygand

Our PE uniforms are still $15, same as they have been for over a decade.  The shirts are $5 and the shorts are $10.  If you need to buy a new PE uniform please see Mr. Weygand or Mrs. Sabol. PE uniforms are sold during the first cycle of school and students are expected to be in uniform by the end of the first 6 day cycle (Sept. 12th).  The uniforms are sold in the locker rooms and the best time to purchase is during the first three PE classes of the school year.  A student may use their uniform from a previous year.  We do sell uniforms throughout the school year.  The uniform consists of orange shorts and a viking print t-shirt.  Uniforms may be paid for with cash or by check.  Please make the check out to PVMS West.