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2018-2019 Academic Year


West Geo Stars Tackle Plastic Pollution in Harrisburg

By Scarlett H., Madi B., Julia M.

The Geo Stars, Maddie G., Elle D., Hope B., Lianna L., Raina S., Ella W.,  from Perkiomen Valley Middle School West were chosen to participate and compete in the National Geographic Geo Challenge on March 29th, 2019 at the State Museum in Harrisburg. The Geo Challenge is a competition where many selected teams from school districts  all around Pennsylvania create ideas to tackle the plastic problem and compete against each other. The Geo Stars worked with Starbucks in Royersford to help tackle plastic pollution and even helped them design reusable cups! All the seventh grade students on the Titan team participated in the Geo challenge. The Titan students were required to work cooperatively within groups of two to six students to create a project to help fight the battle against plastic. Projects included posters, diagrams, and presentations. All the projects were submitted to National Geographic,  but they selected the Geo Stars because of their creative and original idea, along with working with a well known company to help their attempt to reduce plastic use. According to The New York Times, Starbucks is expected to stop using plastic straws by 2020. With the help of the Geo Stars, tackling plastic might be a bit easier. While they did not win the state competition, the Geo Stars had a great time representing West and supporting work to reduce plastic pollution.


Food and Personal Care Drive

By: Carissa R. and Hannah H.

Looking for an easy way to make a difference in somebody’s life? You can even help out people in our own school community. It’s as simple as bringing in one canned food or a personal care item. Battle the other two grades in a game of who can bring in the most donations. This is a month of giving from January 14 to February 14. You can bring in any types of canned beans, bar soap, canned meats, canned vegetables, hand soap, laundry soap,paper towels, toothpaste, and soup. If you have anything that you can bring in it could really help our community. The student council is sponsoring the event in efforts to better our community. Think about it, if every student at PVMS West brings in just one item, we would have over 600 items to distribute already. See how easy this can be? Drop your donations off at the box labeled with your grade level by the office. All contributions are going to Daily Bread Community Food Pantry. We often forget that others are in need, when we are so blessed. This is your chance, to help out those in need.

Celebrating Stuff-A-Bus

by Madison B., Julia M., and Sierra R.

Stuff-a-bus was once again an exciting start to the winter season! It was held in the cafeteria at Perkiomen Valley Middle School West. On December 14, Operation Help hosted the 15th annual Stuff-a Bus, and it directly impacted the community through generous donations from students and teachers. In order for students to participate, they donated one new, unwrapped toy or five dollars. The most frequently donated toys were board games.  Three hundred toys and one thousand dollars were donated and helped to “stuff the bus”. All of the toys were donated to Toys for Tots. Dancing and stage events kept everyone entertained. The most popular event this year was “Pie a Teacher in the Face” because everybody wanted pie their favorite teacher with whipped cream. That event also encouraged people to come, donate, and see their teacher get pied. This year, coordinators added a hot chocolate bar and a DJ; both events were a big hit. There were also a lot of other activities to do such as dancing and many other fun games to play.

On Saturday morning, at the Red Hill Fire House, children who might not otherwise have had a very exciting holiday,  got to pick out three toys, two stuffed animals, one toy ball, and one stocking stuffer. There were also toys for older kids. Volunteers had sorted the toys from Stuff-a-bus and other donation sources by age. There were gifts for all ages. Children were put in a line and walked around by the student volunteers and some faculty members from West.  There were about one hundred children who benefited this year. This event changed Christmas for children because they managed to still get toys for the holiday season.

2017-2018 Academic Year

June 6, 2018

Green Team Spring Round up

     by Carly D, Kaylee M,Abbey P, Abi S

     “3...2...1...GO!!!”. The Earth Day 5k was held on the beautiful Perkiomen Valley Middle School West’s cross country course on a damp Saturday morning in April. This fundraiser was to support the Green Team’s plans to renovate the courtyard. The weather was pretty chilly, but it was great for running.  The track had a couple knocked down trees that runners had to jump which added to the challenge. There was a ton of mud; however, that made it more fun! The male student winners included all three Ribelins: Ethan, Dylan, and Calvin. The female student winners were Abrielle Schweitzer in first, Abigail Bowman in second and, Lexi Becker in third. Green Team has held two 5K races this year; both have been successful!

    The second amazing event that the Green Team put on this spring was the annual West Talent Show! It was a huge success! The theme this year was “Save The Bees!” The money went to improving the courtyard and to help support the dwindling bee population. This is a threat to the world food supply. The winner of the talent show was Christian Sibel, who sang and played the ukulele. There were so many other amazing acts! If you missed these amazing performances or just want to relive it, see Ms. Emers to purchase a professionally filmed video of the entire show for just ten dollars. All of the performers worked so hard to perfect their acts. This year’s show will not be forgotten!

May 30, 2018

“Renew, Reuse, and Recycle”

Perkiomen Valley Middle School West Murals

By: Katie Hautzinger and Emma Knox

Perkiomen Valley Middle School West has five amazing,  student-created murals, and one more in the works. These permanent pieces of art are unique to the school in many ways.  The designer of the beautiful wall art is Ms. Marla Dicicco, the art teacher at West. She has led students in creating these remarkable murals over many years.  Each is different and unique in its own way. Every one of these murals portrays a message to the students and faculty at the school. Each mural incorporates recycled materials, as well as specially crafted clay tiles and shapes. The colorful murals are placed in different sections of the school: for example, the Peace and Equality mural (seen above) is in the art/gym hallway.

Recently, we interviewed the creator of the murals, Mrs. Marla Dicicco. She explained,  “I wanted to challenge myself,” when asked why she wanted to start the murals. She told us that she took a course in Boyertown, which influenced the beginning of the artwork.  When asked if she planned on creating any more murals, she responded saying, ”The mosaic ones are done... maybe more of the painted ones..” The newest mural, which will be located in the West Library, will be painted and focus on the world of literature and information. We would like to thank Mrs. Dicicco and all of the students that have helped her over the years for making these wonderful pieces of art around the school. We hope to see more!

March 5. 2018

Beauty and the Beast comes to West

By Carissa R. and  Lallie L.

It’s a “...tale as old as time…” On March 16th, 17th,  and 18th, the PVMS West Drama Club will present a version of Beauty and the Beast. Students will be performing the junior adaptation of the well known, beloved classic story. Mrs. Yerkes, the director, Mr. Sands, the assistant director, Ms. Sally, the choreographer, and Mr. Keith, the pianist, are the wonderful adults that make the play possible. Mrs. Mooney and Mrs. Riley also assist at rehearsals by helping with the set design and helping out backstage.

Belle, played by Emma V, is bored with her same old “poor provincial town.” The most admired man in the village, Gaston, played by Christian S, swears to marry Belle one day, despite her wishes. One day Belle finds herself rescuing her genius father, Maurice, played by Toby H, in a castle owned by a hideous beast, played by Sean F.   Belle makes friends with all the household servants and during her time there, finds love in an unexpected place.

The PVMS West Drama Club has been donating the proceeds that are earned to a charitable organization. Over the past 14 years, the drama club has raised over 60,000 dollars to help out with various causes. Each year the students pick a cause that relates to the chosen play. This year the cast members voted to send the proceeds to The Cancer Center at CHOP.  Some children battling certain types of cancer suffer from facial deformities just as the beast suffers from looking different than everyone else. This year, the goal is to raise a lot of money in hopes of helping these children and finding a cure.

Since practice started on January second, the cast and crew members have been working very hard to make this a truly remarkable production. As one of the cast members puts it,  “Being on stage is like a breath of fresh air.” -Kaylee C.  Join the West Drama Club for a version of a classic tale you won’t forget. Tickets will be on sale for $8.00 starting March first through the fifteenth at all three lunches. Please come out and support the production. We hope to see you there. As Mrs. Potts says, “You don’t lose hope, love. If you do, you lose everything.”

February 13, 2018

West students hit the slopes       

By Abi S. and Wade D.

“It was so much fun, I can’t wait for another trip!” stated Evan C, a 7th grade student who went snowboarding on January 25. The West Ski and Snowboard Club went to Bear Creek in Macungie, Pennsylvania, on Thursday, January 25th. This winter four dates were planned for the club. About 30 middle school students joined Mrs. Sabol and Mrs. Doran on the first trip. Any West student interested was welcome to go.   After school, students traveled to Bear Creek by bus. They were able to ski or snowboard until 7:15, and returned to West around 8:00.  

At Bear Creek, staff members were kind and extremely helpful.  Lifts were quick and comfortable. One student noted that the food was great, just a little on the expensive side.  Many enjoyed the terrain parks and using the jumps and rails. Even though they had fun, some noted that the jumps were not well-groomed.  Seventh grader Wade D. noted, “The conditions weren’t great. It was a little icy.”  

One of the best parts of the trip was the opportunity to hang out with friends.  East also attended Bear Creek on the same date, so it was a great way to see friends from the other middle school.  Students said they felt it was worth the money, and they are looking forward to the last date. According to Wade, “I can’t wait for the next time. It’s worth the money. The parks are great, and you don’t have to worry about getting there or getting’s a chance to spend time with friends. The whole experience is great. If you have a chance you should go.”

Many members of the Ski and Snowboard Club agreed!  The upcoming trip,  Thursday, February 15th, is the final one for this season. Cost is between 50 - 80 dollars, depending on the equipment needed. Permission slips and forms are available in the main office.

February 8, 2018

The Sporks Are Here!

By Emily B., Carly D., Wade D., Colin D., Scarlet K., Caritza S., Nadia S., Shawn S., Josie Y., Ms. Emers

It’s a spoon...

It’s a fork...

And it’s not made of plastic!

It’s a stainless steel spork, ready to help West students save the environment from the devastation of plastic that threatens to wrap up the planet and all its inhabitants in its stretchy, non-biodegradable, non-renewable, wastefulness!  After a year of planning and fundraising, the Green Team at West has finally purchased the sporks, trays, and Nalgene bottles that will help students reduce their single use plastics in the cafeteria!  After learning that over a million birds and thousands of marine mammals die every year due to the plastic that makes its way into the oceans, students knew they could make a difference starting in the West cafeteria.  By placing food directly on trays, plastic and styrofoam plates, cups, and bowls will no longer be entering the landfill.  Many animals can be saved from starvation  or entanglement in a plastic web of trash by using the spork instead of plastic forks and spoons.  

Students that choose to bring their own water bottles are heroes, too!  Refill stations will be installed at West this month!  Want to be part of this movement?  Then DON”T THROW AWAY THE SPORK!!!  The Earth, all of its inhabitants, the Green Team, and Ms. Emers thank you from the bottom of the ocean to the outer limits of the atmosphere!  Keep it clean, make it green!

December 11, 2017

West Stuff-a-Bus  2017!

by Wade D., Carter W.

    What is yellow, has six wheels, flashing lights, and it is full of toys?  It’s the West toy bus!  On Dec.15th,  the 14th Annual Stuff- a- Bus will be held at Perkiomen Valley Middle School West. Operation HELP, led by Ms. Emers and Mrs. Nehila, hosts the event each year. They started the tradition to help children in the area who might not have much of a holiday without Toys for Tots. According to Mrs. Nehila, the event serves to remind West students and the community of the “gift that you get through giving.”  New, unwrapped toys will be collected for distribution in this area by Toys for Tots. There will be food, raffles, a D.J, and dancing. Activities include Pie the Teacher, Junk in Your Truck, and many more.  Operation HELP students will be selling gray, long sleeve T-Shirts for $15.00 at lunch and the event. In-school activities the week before include Spirit Week with a door decoration contest, beach day clothing, and color wars.

    On Friday, the doors open for students at 5:30 p.m. Admission is $5.00 or a new unwrapped toy. Students should be picked up promptly at 7:30pm.

Fall Sports Wrap-up

by Cam C, Owen P, and Christian K.

This year’s West teams had a great fall season. Student athletes in seventh and eighth grade gave their all. Give a special thanks to the coaches for stepping up and leading these teams.  Congratulations to all the athletes who participated.

7th grade football

The 7th grade football team  went 1-4. They were able to pull out a win against Upper Merion, but it was a blowout winning 36-6!!

8th grade football

The 8th grade football team battled through injuries and low roster numbers to compete for a winning season. They  finished with 4 wins and 3 losses. Despite the challenges, they can take pride in their record.

8th grade field hockey

The Varsity field hockey team finished up with a 5-5-1 record.  Team captain Julia Downing scored 23 goals in the season which set a new school record.  Assistant captain Kiki Rotay scored five goals and had a team high of eight assists.  Assistant captain Lauren Keyte scored four goals with two assists during the season.


7th grade field hockey

JV field hockey finished their season with a 3-5-1 record.  Grace McKinley scored one goal, Lauren Leibensperger had one goal, Lauren McMahon with one goal and two assists, Elizabeth Weaver with one assist, and Jenna Moccia with one goal and one assist during the season.

Cross Country

West Cross Country teams put forth a great effort, working hard throughout the season.  Each team had a great season with strong runners helping to produce wins for the team. They improved upon many of their personal times and continued to grow as athletes.

November 17, 2017

Green Team Hosts Turkey Trot This Saturday

by Sierra A., Abbey P., Matt C., Carter W.

    Do you like music, food, fun, and running? If you said yes to any of these, come on out to the 1st annual PVMS West Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk! Green Team is hosting the Turkey Trot to purchase reusable trays and sporks for the cafeteria to reduce West’s consumption of single use plastics. The 5K will take place this Saturday, November 18, 2017 on the beautiful West campus.  Registration opens at 8 a.m.; the race starts at 9 a.m.  Runners should dress in their turkey best because  prizes will be awarded for the best individual and group costumes! There will be  fun activities, music by Mr. Ellis, and a food truck that will serve yummy oatmeal, smoothies, and delicious hot chocolate.

Runners can sign up at the event or online. Registration is only $25!

To register early, go to:

    Those who register early will get a free t-shirt.  Come on out to Perkiomen Valley Middle School West at 220 Big Road in Zieglerville, PA  for the Turkey Trot!

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